Sunday, 26 August 2007

Rudd—just a regular guy?

Last week the papers were full of the news that Federal Opposition leader Kevin Rudd had visited a New York strip club in 2003. He did not, however, remember if he had indulged in inappropriate behaviour because by his own admission he had been too drunk on the night to recall anything he'd done.

On Friday night Craig Schafer asked me to speak at a men's dinner at Springwood-Winmalee Anglican on the subject "How Would Jesus Vote?" Chatting to some of the people afterwards we got to talking about how some of the people defending Kevin used the defence that the strip-club incident had helped, since it showed that Kevin was just a regular guy.

I don't know how many regular guys go to New York to meet Rupert Murdoch and while over there, get drunk and visit a strip club. But as Craig (another Craig) at the dinner said, "My next door neighbour's a regular guy. If I wanted a regular guy as Prime Minister I'd vote for him. I don't want a regular guy running the country!"

I'm sorry it spent so much time in the news, though. The story reflects badly on both Kevin Rudd and whoever leaked it.


Craig Schafer said...

Gordon did a great job that night!

Craig Schafer said...

Thanks for such a great job on Friday night Gordon.