Friday, 31 August 2007

On the bookshelf

I just added a virtual bookshelf on Facebook. What a great application! People can look at my books (you need to add me as a Facebook friend) and I can look at yours.

Some of the books I hoped to be able to put on the virtual bookshelf aren't available through Amazon yet (a prerequisite), but I was pleased to find Hella S. Haasse's In a Dark Wood Wandering there. Great story to go with it too. She wrote it in Dutch, years ago (1949), and sent it off to a translator. But she was too shy to follow the matter up, and her (untranslated) manuscript was found in one of the man's cupboards when he died—some 45 years after she'd posted it to him.

So they translated it and published it. Well worth the wait. Agincourt, Joan of Arc plays a minor role, French medieval politics, stuff.


Murray said...

I thought someone like you would be a natural for!

It's almost my second religion.

william said...

Hi Gordo,
my name is william and already your friend at facebook :). yup, find it encouraging to be able to post the books that u have read, and the one that you would like to recommend to other people.

except the fact that, once u have too many friends, u won't be looking into each too specifically, unless ur really free.