Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lemongrass-ginger sliders

Worth a go, maybe today, maybe not. Got to check the freezer!

Lemongrass-ginger sliders: The original Shan recipe is for meat balls made with ground beef or pork flavoured with minced lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. I’ve found it easier in a North American kitchen to flatten the balls and cook them as sliders. They cook slowly in a little oil, which gives them a slight crust and succulent interior. You want some fat for tenderness, which is why the recommended cuts are flank steak or pork shoulder.

Traditionally the meat is chopped by hand, using two cleavers and alternating chop-chop-chop, as it’s done by all the Tai peoples (the word for the technique in the Tai languages is
laap). Hand-chopped meat has a different texture from ground meat, and I urge you to try it. And chopping the meat yourself means that you know the quality of the meat. You can instead chill the meat and use a food processor to grind it.

The Shan traditionally use minced shavings of green
makawk wood (see note) in the meatballs. They help hold the meat together. I use a little leftover rice instead.

Marinating time: 15 minutes

Level of difficulty: easy

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