Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blood and Fire

An email to my friend, concerning the weekend just gone:

What a glorious weekend, in every sense.

Thank you for reminding us about the nexus between judgement and the resurrection of the Lord; and so the resurrection of our selves.

More thoughts on the cross: yes, it was neglected, in a similar way to which the resurrection has in times not too far gone been neglected amongst us.

Both neglects are negligent, but not fatally so.

Our orbit is around two suns: the death. the resurrection.

They are in essence the same sun (the day of the Lord). So to pay attention to one rightly, is to pay attention to the other.

But as they are separable chronologically, it is possible to pay attention to one in a way that excludes or depreciates the other.

We did sing of the cross, more than once, so that is good.


PS Perhaps we should take up the old Salvation Army motto, 'Blood and Fire', applied in this instance to the cross of Christ and to the final day of glory, the resurrection.

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