Monday, 29 November 2010

The Greens are nutters

So argues Paul Sheehan in today's SMH, in this article entitled 'Green by name, flaky by nature'.

He doesn't mention euthanasia (on which, for some reason, the Greens are not only supportive but activist), but does mention banks, same-sex marriage, immigration policy, X-rated pornography, Zionism and a range of other issues on which you would think that ecologically concerned people—who exist on both sides of politics—should be free to take differing views on.


John Smuts said...

Arg, my eyes. MY EYES!

At least the Greens don't have backgrounds that have escaped from the 60s.

Gordon Cheng said...

John, you fashion plate you. I'll remember to turn to you for design advice next time I'm thinking of rejigging the blog.

John Smuts said...

Sorry Gordo - you misunderstood. I wasn't trying to say that I think it is out of date (I wouldn't have a clue).

Rather I meant it was rather bright to my eyes!