Thursday, 24 June 2010

Kevin Rudd gone

You heard it here, 593rd. Well, I don't think I could claim first in good conscience, do you? Here, for example, a New Zealand paper reports on it.

Credit to Andrew Bolt, who called it on May 31.

When you break promises, such as canning an Emissions Trading Scheme designed to confront 'the greatest moral challenge of our time'; when you make a lot of your Christian credentials and get publicly exposed as a swear bear, when you invite an ill-thought out fight with the mining lobby; it's hardly surprising that it might come back and bite you.

What is surprising is how quickly it's happened. Just over six months ago, Rudd was unassailable.

UPDATE 1: The SMH report.

Did Kevin Rudd have any friends at all?

UPDATE 2: Nicole Starling gives the right perspective on this.


John Smuts said...

I think you are rather harsh on Kev07 here Gordo.

Tony Abbott makes something of his Christian credentials too ...

I'm not a major fan of some of Kev's policies but I think today is a very black day for Australian politics. Not even 3 years ... that is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking rough language is pretty well irrelevant to anyone's Christian credentials, Gordo -- it can be uncharitable to use it with or to people who get upset by it, but in itself it's no big deal. If you're talking public perceptions, I'd rather the public judged how "Christian" a politicans was by how honest and committed they were.