Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christians may call God 'Allah'

This has upset some people in Malaysia. Read the SMH report on the High Court case here.

We might pray that Christians in that country would boldly teach that the Lord Jesus is the only true Allah.


Jonathan Hunt said...

To call Yahweh "Allah" is a very alien concept to me, and I have looked on in this matter with some bafflement.

If Yahweh is Allah then why bother?

Jonathan said...

Probably as alien as calling Yahweh "God" is to a Malay or Arabic speaker. In our language, if Yahweh is not God, then why bother?

Actually, "Allah" is closer to "the God", than simply "God", making the case even more relevant to Gordon's point.

Keith said...

It could be a cultural thing too. In Islamic culture there is respect for the name "Allah" Whereas "Yahweh" is seen as part of Jewish culture not Western culture.