Thursday, 16 July 2009

Support Gordo at Cumbo, read Izaac's blog!

The 'support Gordo at Cumbo blog' is not dead yet, but it is in an artificial coma awaiting resuscitation. Apart from updating regularly, I reckon it needs a new name. "Support Gordo @ Cumbo" seemed fine when I was starting off, but now every time I look at it it feels unnecessarily Cheng-ocentric and not sufficiently Cumbocentric.

I've *got* to **think**!!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Meanwhile, Izaac Cowling, currently a trainee working with us at Cumbo and doing a fabulous job, has started a blog. He is helping organize the Cumbo bit of next week's Mid Year Conference for various universities including Cumbo, Wollongong, UWS, UTS Kuringai, Christians in the Media...

Our topic this year is the Holy Spirit, and Phillip Jensen is the speaker. Izaac has a series of posts featuring things Mid Year Conference related, and you can find them here.

Phillip Jensen is the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral here in Sydney, and wrote about the Holy Spirit on the Cathedral blog recently, here. This is not the first time he's spoken on the subject.

Check this sub-3 minute video of Phillip answering the question What does 'baptized by the Spirit' mean?

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