Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pornography and tobacco

I know Christians who think of themselves as free-speech libertarians in the matter of pornography. They don't use it, but they don't want to fight for its censorship either, reasoning that censorship is bad and people make their own choices.

Here's a thought provoking paper comparing pornography with the use of tobacco in the early '60s.

Got this from Justin Taylor, who got it from somewhere else.


Roger Gallagher said...

Hi Gordon,

Many of the arguments dissected in the article are on display in this article on computer games from a couple of days ago:

Anonymous said...

I think the slide on what is "acceptable" pornography has been horrifying steep and horrifyingly fast.

This stuff is spiritually poisonous, and I think socially dangerous as well -- not just for the separate families etc damaged, but in eroding the sense of shared human-ness which holds any society together.